Spinning Wheel Coach

Learn to spin your own yarns on a spinning wheel or spindle.

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Cheryl Reed teaches spinning, dyeing, and spindling as she has since the early 1990’s. Students often comment that they really get their money's worth in her classes.

"My goal in each fiber arts class is that the students learn basic skills to control the design elements in their own creations." 


Cheryl is a member of the Northwest Regional Spinners Association  .  She is trained as a fiber arts judge by NwRSA.

The Desert Fiber Arts Guild of Richland WA is the group of fiber artists who got Cheryl going in the mid-1980's, first with spinning, then knitting, and now weaving.  She regularly teaches spinning classes around the Tri-Cities and the Yakima Valley.

Cheryl started spinning when she and her husband bought a couple sheep so they wouldn't need to mow their pasture.  The sheep needed annual haircuts.  Those fresh fleeces were beautiful.  A friend urged Cheryl to learn to spin.  She protested that she didn't have time.  But she found that the 15 minutes while her pre-schoolers brushed their teeth each evening was enough to get started.

It took Cheryl about 3 years of asking questions and taking classes to gather the skills to feel that she could head in any direction she wanted in spinning.  Her Beginning Spinning Class includes all of those skills that took her so long to discover.