Spinning Wheel Coach

Learn to spin your own yarns on a spinning wheel or spindle.


Quotes I've taken 2 of Cheryl's classes. The Beginning Spinning class taught me to ply a balanced yarn. I have recommended this class to every new spinner I meet. The Spinning for a Project class lead me to experiment with twist and measuring the twist angle. I learned to push my spinning and not to settle for 'auto pilot'. If you have the opportunity to take one of Cheryl's classes - Don't miss it. She is a great teacher and very supportative. Quotes

Quotes I just took the drop spindle class and have been spinning every chance I get. I bought some raw alpaca fleece and am learning to wash and prepare it for spinning, am going to attend the Dye in the Park. I am so excited to be doing the dream. Next step save for a wheel and take another of Cherly's classes. Quotes
Starting the Dream

Quotes Had I not taken Cheryl's drop spindle class four years ago I would not be a spinner today. She is so patient and relaxed making a completely foreign skill attainable. Since then I have taken three more spinning classes and feel secure spinning all kinds of specialty yarns for knitting and weaving. There is such a satisfaction in taking your hand-spun yarn from fleece to fabric. Quotes
Satisfied Student