Spinning Wheel Coach

Learn to spin your own yarns on a spinning wheel or spindle.


1.  How do I know what wheel to buy for the Beginning Spinning Class?

A1.  I recommend that you RENT a wheel for a month to take the class.  If you are a member of the Desert Fiber Arts Guild, the rental is $5 per month.  If you are in the Tri-Cities area of WA, DFA members will rent their wheel for a damage deposit and a modest rental.  If you are outside the Tri-Cities area, contact your local spinning guild or check in local yarn shops that also sell spinning supplies.


2.  What do I do about the other tools, the Lazy Kate and hand cards?

2A.  Don't buy them until after the class.  Borrow or rent them if you can.  We'll work something out for you. 


3.  Am I skilled enough for your Intermediate Spinning Classes?

A3.  If you can spin a 2-ply yarn, you can handle this class.


4.  What about private lessons?

A4  I teach private lessons.  The tuition is more.  Regular classes are small, around 5 students.  You miss out on trying various tools that the other students bring.  Also the questions and challenges of the other students broaden your learning too.  So I recommend a regular class.  But contact me and we can work something out if private lessons are best for you.


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